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Hi there!

Welcome to Exploring Expression!

The world is a wondrous place filled with so many things to learn about and share.  We plan to explore and celebrate them all. Join us as we investigate many of the different features that enrich and enhance our body of knowledge.

What will you find at Exploring Expression?

If you are a parent, a teacher, a student or a writer you are in the right place.  Just as there is much to explore in the world, there is so much for you to explore on this site.  We are dedicated to parenting and education with a heavy focus on experiential learning, communication and language arts.  We learn through experience and we teach through communication.

Here are just a short sampling of the topics we cover on Exploring Expression:

  • Parenting, including single parenting and special needs parenting
  • Homeschooling
  • Unit studies
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Writing
  • Public Speaking

Intrigued?  You should be.  Check out some of the special features that you will find here:

  • The Grammar Guardian Presents feature special attention on grammar topics geared towards adults.  We all could use a grammar refresher now and then.
  • 1 Topic, 3 Voices explores a single question or topic from myself, my mother and my daughter in a single article.  This feature highlights the perceptions and knowledge that every generation has to share.
  • Multi-level Unit Studies based around unique and wonderful children’s books.
  • Multi-level Unit Studies built to highlight a field trip or experience.
  • Our weekly #DayofSelfExpression feature highlights self-expression shared by readers like you.  It also gives a weekly journal prompt.

This is just a sampling of what you can find on Exploring Expression.  There is so much more to explore, learn and share.  If you subscribe now, you will get an email reminder of each and every informative post.


Who are We?

The facts, thoughts, suppositions and ramblings in this site are not from one mind. As we explore, our different points of view will hopefully reveal many new and exciting angles.


Brandy Champeau http://ExploringExpression.comGreetings from sunny Coastal Georgia!  I am Brandy, the owner of Exploring Expression.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and a master’s degree in Administrative Studies/Project management.  In addition to that, I hold a graduate certificate in conflict and dispute resolution and am a  trained Stephens Minister.  I am a voracious writer with a love of words.  My entire adult life has been spent practicing and perfecting my listening, writing, speaking and teaching skills.  I have worked with populations from preschoolers to college classes to professional groups.

I am also a single mother of three wonderful children:

  • My eldest, Samantha, is 16 and preparing to enter her senior year of high school.  She is a gifted writer, a talented musician and filled with compassion.
  • My eldest son, Joshua, is 13.  Joshua has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Sensory Processing Disorder, and ADHD as well as a host of other special needs.  Raising a special needs child is not easy and raising one as a single parent is even harder.  Yet, through my son, I have learned just what people are capable of with love, determination, and organization.
  • My miracle child, Daniel, is 4.  Daniel was born early after a messy divorce and a nearly fatal pregnancy.  He is definitely the pampered prince of our house.

I have homeschooled each of my children at various times.  I have a passion for educating and hope that what I produce is entertaining as well.


Nancy Holt | http://ExploringExpression.comI am a Retired Air Force Senior NCO and am within a few years retiring as an Air Force civilian employee. In addition to the Air Force active duty and civilian careers, I held positions in both city and state governments, as well as several government contractor jobs.   I have worked primarily in the Financial Management, Budget Analysis and Administrative Officer areas. I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and have taught an Introduction to Project Management Course. But my dream is that when I grow up (we all have to grow up someday), I want to move from writing as a part-time hobbyist to full-time freelancing. I have difficulty staying in one place; I’ve lived in 12 states and 2 countries so far. I think I still have a couple of moves left before I choose where to grow roots. I have 3 children and 11 grandchildren; perhaps someday I will end up close to one of them.


 Samantha Champeau | http://ExploringExpression.comHello, friends! I am the eldest Daughter of Brandy and the second eldest granddaughter of Nancy. I am currently a junior in high school with plans to major in music education and minor in American Sign Language in college. I have a passion for history, reading, and writing.  My biggest love though is music, specifically orchestral and choral music. I am active in both the band and choral programs at my high school.  I also perform in a community band as well as a community chorus.  I am very active in church and perform with our Youth Praise choir and our adult handbell choir.  I am a voracious reader and, when I’m not up to my ears in sheet music, I can usually be found with my nose in a book.  While I don’t have decades of writing and speaking behind me like my mother and grandmother, I often offer fresh insight that I hope reaches others.

Come with us.

We welcome you to take a few minutes each week to explore all of the opportunities the world gives us to learn, teach, grow and share.

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