#DayofSelfExpression June 24, 2017 – One Warrior Girl

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There is a creative genius inside all of us.

Whether you are a writer by nature or a writer by necessity spending some time in creative expression each week is important. We at Exploring Expression want to celebrate the muse that lives in us all. Thus The Day of Self Expression was born.


Today on #DayofSelfExpression

Today’s feature is one of my own poems, “One Warrior Girl”.  This is an homage to my daughter who, as the eldest child of a single mother, has willingly shouldered far more than her share of the burden.

day of self expression, one warrior girl, creative writing, poetry, parenting, self expression, single mothers, single mom, daughters

One Warrior Girl

Two little warriors.

You and I, born into our lives together

With a generation surrounding us.

You raised me as a mother far more efficiently

Than I raised you as a daughter

In hopes that I would become a parent

Before you did.

Together we fought battles

I should have fought alone.

Your siblings will never know they occured

Because you were first.

I’m so glad you were first.

Through you I was molded into the mother

You and your brothers needed.

You will never understand how you saved our family

Just by existing.

My beautiful, capable

One little warrior girl.


#DayofSelfExpression Journal Prompt

The earth has been witness to thousands of years of man’s interventions.  Even when events long since passed from the memories of humanity, the repercussions of what we do live on.  The remembrance of our planet is vast.

Journal Assignment for All Ages:

Write a poem to someone special to you.  How have they changed your life?

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How to be Featured on a Future #DayofSelfExpression

Each week we feature a piece of creative writing by ourselves and others who want to use our site as an outlet for their inspirations. We want to publish a variety of poetry and prose, fiction and nonfiction. stand-alone work and excerpts from longer pieces. Our goal is to explore expression, from every angle and every dimension.

We invite you, our readers, to submit some of your own writing. Include a short bio for us to publish with your work, and if you have one, a link to your own blog or social media. Then watch for your material to be featured in future weeks. ,

A few guidelines:

  • Proofread your own material, as we will not edit your work.
  • Submissions should be less than 1,500 words.
  • All items should be YOUR work, which you have the rights to share
  • We will only print G-rated material that anyone in the family can read.

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