#DayofSelfExpression June 10, 2017 – Remembrance

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dayofselfexpression remembrance

There is a creative genius inside all of us.

Whether you are a writer by nature or a writer by necessity spending some time in creative expression each week is important. We at Exploring Expression want to celebrate the muse that lives in us all. Thus The Day of Self Expression was born.


Today on #DayofSelfExpression

Today’s feature is “Remembrance”, a Poem by Samantha Champeau.  Samantha is currently a senior in high school.  She plans to continue on to college to study music education and American Sign Language.

dayofselfexpression remembrance


The cold wind blows

And the sky is soulless.

Ashes rained down like evil snow,

Dying in grief.


The people do not weep

For they have no voice.

They do not comfort

For they have no words.

They are frozen and silent.


Time passes and people change

The land no longer brings fear,

And the grim reminder

Of the people there

With the frozen fear

No longer brings caution.


The land always remembers

For it’s ingrained in the soil

The land never forgets

It will always remember

That they entice fear.


The people are made to remember

Yet their memory, like the lives of flies

Are short and sweet.

Remember the good and forget the bad

That motto lies etched into their hearts

And ingrained in their minds.


The land demands fear

But we give it sickness

We forget that the land never forgets

And as we sicken it

With our disregard

The land never forgets.


#DayofSelfExpression Journal Prompt

The earth has been witness to thousands of years of man’s interventions.  Even when events long since passed from the memories of humanity, the repercussions of what we do live on.  The remembrance of our planet is vast.

Journal Assignment for All Ages:

Think of an event in history.  Write a retelling of that event from the earth’s point of view.

Journal Prompt: Think of an event in history. Write a retelling of that event from the earth's point… Click To Tweet


How to be Featured on a Future #DayofSelfExpression

Each week we feature a piece of creative writing by ourselves and others who want to use our site as an outlet for their inspirations. We want to publish a variety of poetry and prose, fiction and nonfiction. stand-alone work and excerpts from longer pieces. Our goal is to explore expression, from every angle and every dimension.

We invite you, our readers, to submit some of your own writing. Include a short bio for us to publish with your work, and if you have one, a link to your own blog or social media. Then watch for your material to be featured in future weeks. ,

A few guidelines:

  • Proofread your own material, as we will not edit your work.
  • Submissions should be less than 1,500 words.
  • All items should be YOUR work, which you have the rights to share
  • We will only print G-rated material that anyone in the family can read.

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