Book Review: The Cresswell Plot

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Book: The Cresswell plot
Book Title: The Cresswell Plot

Author: Eliza Wass

Genre: Fiction – Young adult, Romance

Rating (out of 5 stars): StarStarStarStarStar

Book Summary:

Born and raised in the woods Castella has lived with her 5 siblings and her super religious father her whole life. They all live by the rules of God, which come from their authoritative father. Inevitably the Cresswell children test the boundaries of their father’s rules.  Soon the world starts to get bigger for Castella, and the future starts to look bright in her eyes, both for her and for her siblings. However, when her father makes a chilling statement she realizes that the woods hold deeply buried secrets. And now Castella, herself could be her siblings’ only hope for salvation.


This book was so much more than it seemed at first.

I have a bad habit of judging a book by its cover, so at first this book didn’t seem like my cup of tea. I decided to pick it up anyway, even though it deviated from my normal selections of science fiction and fantasy. Lo and behold, after 259 pages and only 2 hours the book was read through and my mind was reeling about what just happened. It was truly a page-turner that hooks you at the first paragraph. With many relatable characters and scenarios, you can see some of the crueler parts of life hidden in these pages.  Its twists and turns keep you guessing while at the same time terrifying you. You begin to question everything.

Wass uses beautiful rhetoric to create a flowing story line whilst creating a world much like our own. The scenes she creates are of a kind of beauty that’s unique to her books. After you’re done reading there are more questions in your head about reality than there were before. To say the least, this book makes my top 5.




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