Book Review: Razor Girl

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Book Title: Razor Girl

Author: Carl Hiaasen

Genre: Fiction – Mystery, Humor

Rating (out of 5 stars): StarStarStar

A female con artist makes her living by crashing into the cars of men while shaving her *ahem*.

Once done, her customers can grab the victim for their own purposes. One day she accidentally bumps into the car of Lane Coolman, the agent of Buck Nance, an accordion player turned redneck reality TV star. This chance event unleashes a maelstrom of crazy characters and outlandish events that make up the book Razor Girl.

There are several storylines in this book that weave in and out of each other like a tangled skein:

  • We have the kidnapped Lane Coolman and Buck Nance, scheming with their kidnapper against the company to land a bigger contract.
  • There is the scam artist Trebeaux who, under the watchful eye and heavy thumb of mafia boss, Big Noogie, builds up one beach by stealing from another.
  • We have Brock Richardson, the product liability lawyer who is hooked on the very substance he is litigating and his fiancé.
  • Finally we have Andrew Yancy, a once detective now restaurant inspector trying to earn his badge back by cracking the big case and juggling between Rosa, his girlfriend and Merry (like in Christmas) Mansfield, the razor girl from the beginning of this review.

If the above section seemed complex and slightly confusing – welcome to the book.

Razor girl is well written with plenty of quirky humor and outlandish stunts. In fact many times I found myself laughing out loud as I read. However there is so much going on and the author tends to jump back and forth between characters and storylines with great speed and little notice. This at times left me confused about what was actually occurring in the plot. Luckily, though, the convergence of all the storylines as I neared the end cleared up the majority of my questions.

Razor Girl is definitely meant for adults. If it were a movie it would be rated at least an R for its gratuitous use of foul language and its many conversations about body parts. This book prides itself on being inappropriate and bordering on obscene. I mean, the side effects of the drug that Brock Richardson is taking? They are hilarious, but so inappropriate.

In conclusion, if you want a wild and crazy book that’s guaranteed to give you a laugh or ten, than Razor Girl is the book for you. Just make sure there are no children looking over your shoulder when you read it.




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