Tips for Using Titles

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the life of Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.  To commemorate this day, I thought I would help you remember the proper times and places to use the word “Saint” as well as many other titles that we give people.

Tips for Using Titles

Title Set A

Doctor (Dr.) Someone who has achieved a terminal degree (except JD)
Saint (St.) a deceased person who had achieved an exceptional degree of holiness
Lord A member of the nobility (UK)
Sir A knight or a baron
Honorable a representative of a foreign state, a judge or a member of congress
Professor an instructor at a university or other post-secondary institution
Reverend, Bishop, Pastor, etc. a member of religious clergy
Captain the pilot of an airplane or a ship.
*This list also includes a multitude of military titles that denote rank

Title Set B

Mr. an adult male
Mrs. an adult married, widowed or divorced female
Ms. an adult female who does not wish to be identified by marital status
Mx. an adult person (gender neutral term)
Miss an unmarried female or female child
Master a male child
Maid a young, unmarried adult female
Madame (Ma’am) an adult female



1. These titles or abbreviations go Before a person’s name
2. If you use a title from Set A, do not use a title from Set B
3. There are, though, times in which you can use more than one title from Set A

Because I love you, I decided to consolidate my tips into a handy infographic (also because, you know, I love infographics)

Tips for using titlesBrandy

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