The sugar men book review

Book Review: The Sugar Men

Book Title: The Sugar Men Author: Ray Kingfisher Genre: Fiction – Historical Rating (out of 5 stars): First, let me be perfectly honest. Normally I don’t like and won’t read books about World War II. But I downloaded this free book off of Kindle without…

3 C's of Listening

3 C’s of Listening

There are 3 C’s to listening. Use these to overcome the barriers to listening. Create an awareness of the barriers Clear the channel of pragmatic problems Concentrate despite the barriers

Book Review: Razor Girl

Book Title: Razor Girl Author: Carl Hiaasen Genre: Fiction – Mystery, Humor Rating (out of 5 stars): A female con artist makes her living by crashing into the cars of men while shaving her *ahem*. Once done, her customers can grab the victim for their…

tips for using titles

Tips for Using Titles

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the life of Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.  To commemorate this day, I thought I would help you remember the proper times and places to use the word “Saint” as well as many other titles that…