Word of the Week: Vocabulary

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  1. The body of words used in a particular language or sphere
  2. The body of words known to an individual person
Tree RootsRoot: From the Latin word vocabulum. In Latin this means a designation or expression.
Shakespeare’s vocabulary consisted of an estimated 66,534 words. How many do you know? William Shakespeare
How fitting that the root of the first Word of the Week choice means Expression.  After all, isn’t that the purpose of this blog?  Isn’t our aim to explore expression in all its wondrous forms and meanings?

Words form the roots, the base of all written and spoken expression. Without them, there is only silence.  Each week we will give you a word and a challenge.  The challenge is simple.  Use the word as you go about your day and your week.  Experience it.  Revel in the sound and the structure and the meaning of one of God’s greatest gifts: Language.

This week, your word is Vocabulary.  Let’s see it in a couple of sentences :

1. My vocabulary is sure to grow by leaps and bounds if I read this blog. 2. The vocabulary of medicine is often understood only by medical professionals.

 Go forth, friends. Words are powerful. Use them well.



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