Starting Our Expedition

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Exploring: (

  1. traversing or ranging over for the purpose of discovery, or
  2. looking closely, scrutinizing or examining. Everything we know and see is a product of exploration, for without exploration there is no invention.
Age of Exploration Image

Without a purpose or direction, exploring can easily morph into aimless wandering. Our time is too valuable to be spent in purposeless drift.  So always, always in this blog we are going to focus on the discovery; we will be looking closely, scrutinizing and examining our topic:  expression.

Expression: (

  1. an act of setting forth in words,
  2. the manner or form in which a thing is expressed in words.

Put these two concepts together, Exploring Expression becomes not just the title of this blog; it’s the purpose and the focus as well.

Words, the systems we use to combine those words into thoughts, and the methods of sharing those thoughts with others are the mechanics for our explorations. Artistic genius blends notes, colors and textures into ethereal allusions.  Many of us dabble into these realms, but few ever believe themselves to be genius.  Most of us began dabbling with verbal expression before we reached two years old, and we have practiced nearly nonstop since.  Even with all this practice, only a handful of developed into great orators or great writers.

Mrs. RamseyAs we explore expression, we plan to investigate many of the different features that enhance our communication.  Whether written or verbal, our vocabulary is the foundation of our expression.  Each week we’ll look at some words, strengthening the foundation of our communications.  The glue that puts those words together into a coherent thought is that hated ooze called Grammar. We will reexamine the rules of grammar at we’ve forgotten over time.  There must have been a reason our elementary school teachers repeated these same rules year after year.  Perhaps now when we review them we’ll discover why old Mrs. Ramsey thought they were so important.  And last, we will investigate several characteristics of the verbal communication process, all aimed at guiding our explorations and discovery of expression.

Notice I use the plural pronoun “we.”

That’s one characteristic that will hopefully set this site apart from many others.  Verbal expression is a creative art. Words have specific meanings, and grammar rules are somewhat enduring.  But what we do with them is creative expression.  To examine such expression from one point of view would be deficient.  The facts, thoughts, suppositions and ramblings in this site are not from one mind.  As we research, write, edit, and critique, our different points of view hopefully reveal angles that may have otherwise been missed.

Image of kids exploring

So we welcome you to take a few minutes each week to explore our expressions as we share our own explorations into the world of verbal communications.   We very much hope that you will become a regular part of our journey by Subscribing.

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